I Just Thought…


ribet ya? Uhmmm…nggak tahu deh…aneh…

(lalu saya memandang sekitar)

peoples seems so weird and bizarre…

and i just thought maybe i’m the only one who blame for this, i’m the only one who became a sinner, and those people are soooooo kind, and i’m not.


again and again, repeatedly…so weird…and i just thought that i’m the only one who hipocrate in life…


am i too sensitive or maybe the peoples are sensitive? I have no problem with my life recently, but those people? maybe they have their own problem…and hate me for their own one?



wanna grow up but seems so never able to grow up…


Don’t care about it! Screw you, that’s ur problem, not mine. And if u wish that everyone will agree and like you all the time, u are wrong! U’re not perfect anyway, and sometimes you will face the comments, even the negative one. So?


Toekang Roempi


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