Meet Susan Boyle!

I was so lucky today…when i saw the headline on Yahoo! and it drives me to this amazing performance on television. You must see this.

Introduce, her name is susan boyle. She’s single, 47 years old, unemployed and admit that she’s never been kissed before. She lived alone with her cat named Pebbles, but she’s faithfull enough to visit the curch every weekend.

When you see her for the first time, you’ll get sinycal about her. You can see it from the people’s face captured on the video when simon cowell interviewed her about her life. Peoples expecting to see the other silly performance of William Hung, but they were wrong!

Susan stunned them with the song from les miserables titled I dreamed a dream in the tv show called Britain’s Got Talent, the talent search similar like an American Idol.  She’s not pretty but she has a talent, that could make people WOWS!

When i watched this video, i can’t stop thrilled. I cried for a moment and feel the happines that she felt when the judges said YES. She got a chance like her idol Elaine Page, and she’s one step closer to make her dream come true.

It proves that no matter what people thinking about you, all you need is just to show them what you’ve got!

Go susan!


Toekang Roempi


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